SIAtech’s story

The team

Elie PEETERS - Siatech


CCO – Associate

He has a commercial training in addition to his engineering training at ESIGELEC. He manages the business development and the marketing at SIAtech.

Frédéric HAMAIN - Siatech

Frédéric HAMAIN

CEO – Associate

He initiated the project. He has a mechatronic engineering training. He’s the head of the start-up and manages the financial aspect of SIAtech.

Nicolas IRIART - Siatech

Nicolas IRIART

CTO – Associate

He has a mechatronic and robotic engineering training. He manages the technical aspect and the R&D of the start-up.

Nicolas IRIART - Siatech


Heat of IT

He has a training in software development on embedded systems. He writes and manages the ComHAND’s algorithm.

Mickael DELAMARE - Siatech


PhD student in mechatronic engineering 

He has a Masters in mechatronics and is doing a PhD in the same field. He chose SIAtech as his working environment to help him write his thesis on indoor geolocation. He assists Nicolas IRIART on the R&D aspect of the start-up.

SIAtech’s story

The idea for the ComHAND was born when Frédéric HAMAIN (who was still at the time an engineering student at Rouen’s ESIGELEC), was doing a run and wanted to change the music he was listening to. He noted that while he was looking at his phone, he was running slower and wasn’t looking at where he was going anymore. He then thought of a system allowing to change the music and volume of the phone simply by touching his finger, with an electronic ring.

With Nicolas IRIART and Elie PEETERS, also studying at ESIGELEC, he develops the concept as a studying project; they win the first prize of the Week of Innovation made by their engineering school.

After 2 years of R&D, the 3 associates create in 2016 their startup SIAtech, based on the realization that today’s industrial remote controls are cumbersome, often lost and/or broken, and can lead to dangerous scenarios because of their design; resulting in accidents, sometimes fatal. The initial student project is brought to the industry: like the runner who will change music while keeping his eyes on where he’s running, the worker will operate his lifting machine while keeping his eyes on the load.

With this in mind, they develop the ComHAND, the innovative remote control, based on more security and an improved user experience for the industries.

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