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Siatech by Cobota

Siatech by Cobota

SIAtech by COBOTA is the first French manufacturer to design hands-free ergonomic radio controls.

SIAtech (Smart Intuitive & Assistive Technologies) is the trademark of the Cobota company.

Based in Bihorel (Seine Maritime, 76), COBOTA designs and manufactures innovative solutions for controlling load handling systems. These solutions fall into the category of Cobotic tools intended to relieve human efforts linked to an operation.

The production is based in France as well as our technical teams and all our support functions. 

Research and development

Our company focuses on in-house research and development. With 7 years of expertise in radio control systems, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Our mission is to provide complete product, technology and service solutions for wireless equipment control and machine-to-machine communication, with an emphasis on reliability and safety. We achieve these goals by involving all our employees in the process and empowering them in their respective areas of work.

Our ultimate goal is to offer you solutions that add value to your business, while providing you with impeccable support when needed.

Éric GRUAU Siatech by Cobota


He joined the adventure in order to bring his professional experience acquired in the industry for over 20 years.
Frédéric Hamain Siatech by Cobota


He is the originator of SIATECH products. With an engineering background, he manages the development of the company.
Daoud Narbesla Siatech by Cobota

Daoud Narbesla

Technico-commercial itinérant
He is responsible for the national deployment of SIATECH solutions.


Responsable technique
He has a background in mechatronics. He designs and manages the technical part of SIATECH products.

aude Gruau

Responsable Marketing
She is in charge of marketing operations.

En Recrutement

Technico-commercial Export
We are looking for our international deployment manager for SIATECH solutions.
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